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About us

Richardson Prosthetics, LLC, is a state of the art prosthetic facility located in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are widely acclaimed for our commitment to excellence and innovative solutions. We aim to enhance the mobility of our patients with a particular emphasis on diverse communities. We are a patient-centered practice specializing in providing artificial limbs and with more than 20 years of experience. As a result, you can depend on us to provide the care you need.


Delivering care in North Carolina and upstate South Carolina, we will provide free evaluations to match you with the prosthetics most suitable for your lifestyle. If you are an amputee interested in the highest prosthetic care, contact us for a free virtual or in-person consultation. 

Richardson Prosthetics continues to grow our practice by focusing on patient care, clinical expertise, and patient outcomes in an ever-changing healthcare market and technology-driven field. Our friendly staff is directly involved with your evaluation, device design and production, patient education, fitting, and follow-up care.
At Richardson Prosthetics, expect the following:

  • Unsurpassed, personalized, expert service

  • Attentive, coordinated care throughout recovery and rehabilitation

  • Skilled, technologically advanced, caring staff

We schedule ample time to listen and understand your needs and condition. We closely consider your concerns along with those of your referring physician, therapists and family. Together, we formulate a prosthetic care plan.