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Why choose Richardson Prosthetics & Orthotics?

Richardson Prosthetics & Orthotics specializes in providing artificial limbs and custom orthotics.            We have over 22 years of experience servicing children, adults, seniors, and veterans.                       

We are widely acclaimed for our commitment to excellence and innovative solutions for enhancing the mobility of our patients.

Our certified practitioners utilize advanced technology such as digital scanning, and

3D printed sockets and orthotics to ensure a precise fit. 

Expect to receive:

Cutting-edge prosthetic & orthotic technology

Free consultations

Individualized care

North Carolina and South Carolina service 

Communication with your healthcare team

Discomfort and pain elimination

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Our prosthetic specialists are certified to provide a range of devices that use the latest advancements in prosthetic field.  We work closely with our patients to ensure they get the best prosthetic solutions to fit their needs.

The orthotics we provide can greatly improve your life, comfort, and performance in your everyday activities. We fit R3 Orthotics: custom molded foot orthotics that are thin, lightweight, and comfortable.

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