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Amputee Patient on Motorcycle

The right prosthetic device can greatly enhance your life. Richardson Prosthetics is committed to helping those with amputations live active lives. We design and create advanced prosthetic devices that are custom made for you in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Whether your goal is to get back to work or to get back on the field, we can provide you with the Prosthetic device to help. We can help people with a variety of amputation levels, including above knee(AK), below the knee(BK), below or above elbow, toe, Symes, partial amputations and disarticulations. Contact us now at 704-510-2204 to learn how our orthotic and prosthetic devices can improve your overall level of functioning.






Our skilled prosthetic specialists are certified to provide a number of prosthetic devices that make excellent use of the latest advancements in the field.

We can set you up with the i-LIMB™ Quantum, a prosthetic with an unmatched combination of functionality and style. The prosthetic includes the i-LIMB™ company's patented i-mo™ technology. You can easily change grips with a simple gesture.

We use products from Ottobock, Proteor, Ossur, College Park, i-LIMB and Freedom Innovations
No matter which prosthetic brand you end up with, you can expect it to be:


  • Lightweight

  • Functional

  • Cosmetically appealing

Richardson Prosthetics specializes in providing the highest quality prosthetic devices. 


We committed to helping amputees live active lives.

We are determined to assist you in meeting your goals.

We want to provide a light-weight, functional, and cosmetically appealing device that not only improves your lifestyle but also impacts your overall level of functioning.
We focus on your needs and goals in order to design, manufacture and fit a device that fits your needs.

We provides prostheses for new & experienced amputees, young & old with various amputation levels including but not limited to:

  • Above Knee

  • Below Knee

  • Symes

  • Partial Foot / Transmetatarsal

  • Knee or Hip Disarticuation

  • Finger Amputation

  • Partial Hand Amputation

  • Wrist Disarticulation

  • Below Elbow

  • Elbow Disarticulation

  • Above Elbow

  • Shoulder Disarticulation

Talk to us about your condition today to find out how we can help you.


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