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The right prosthetic device can greatly enhance your life. Whether your goal is to get back to work or to get back on the field, we can provide you with the right Prosthetic device to help. We serve people with a variety of amputation levels, including:

  • Above knee (AK) 

  • Below the knee (BK)

  • Below or above elbow

  • Toe

  • Symes

  • Partial amputations and disarticulations

Prosthetic Technology

Our prosthetic specialists are certified to provide a range of devices that use the latest advancements in the prosthetic field. Prosthetic services are tailored to each individual patient, providing them with the most comfortable and functional prosthesis. We use products from Ottobock, Proteor, Ossur, College Park, i-LIMB and Freedom Innovations. No matter which prosthetic brand you end up with, you can expect it to be:

Runner with Amputated Leg


Reading E-book


Athlete with Amputated Leg

Cosmetically Appealing

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